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The Anthropology of Language (Fourth Edition)

Hailed as one of the most readable introductions to the field of linguistic anthropology, the fourth edition of The Anthropology of Language brings Judith M.S. Pine on board as co-author. Pine's voice blends well with Ottenheimer's maintaining the engaging style and readability so unusual for a textbook. (With companion Workbook/Reader.) More Details

Cousin Joe: Blues from New Orleans

An extraordinary life history, Cousin Joe: Blues from New Orleans resulted from Harriet J Ottenheimer's piecing together more than fifteen years of tape-recorded conversations with Cousin Joe. The result is an authentic and moving portrait of a fascinating individual -- a true American original. More Details

The Quorum

In the politically and racially charged atmosphere of the 1960s, The Quorum coffee house created a successful model for multicultural exchange. Opened in 1963 to persons from all racial backgrounds, The Quorum became a frequent target of segregationist harassment in New Orleans. In 1964 police raided The Quorum taking 73 people to jail and accusing them of things like "playing guitars out of tune." Combining oral history and rare archival materials The Quorum shows what happens when ordinary people become involved in extra-ordinary events. More Details